Blue Bums and Little Critters.

They are everywhere!

In the air, in the trees, on the ground, under leaves, under rocks, in bedrooms…even in the bathrooms!


They can bite and sting you and some can kill you; some of the bigger little-critters can even eat you.
They have lots of legs, some have wings, some are hairy, some are slimy, some are scaly and some have all these attributes!

Big little-critter skin.

I have encountered some dead ones and lots of live ones.

Here is a run down of my top 10 little critter encounters (In no particular order)

1 ) The most exciting dead little-critter was a dark bluish grey slimy one that had recently been run over close to where we have been working, This little-critter could kill you (if his guts weren’t hanging out)
Death Factor: 5/5 Cute Factor: 2/5 Gross Factor: 3/5 Annoyance Factor: 3/5

Scaled little-critter


2 ) My next in the top ten little-critters that I have meet was fat (for a critter) slimy and alive. He was hiding in my gear tent one morning; out he hopped in search of breakfast or to be breakfast (But what ever eats this little-critter will be killed by his toxic slime) I hear that some people have been known to lick there backs for fun?
Death Factor: 3/5 Cute Factor: 1/5 Gross Factor: 4/5 Annoyance Factor: 3/5

Slimy little-critter

3 ) Ants with green bums, they might sound like something from a Pixar movie but these little nasties make nests in trees, and then fall out in the wind landing on the ground, they climb onto you, then bite (sort of like a pin prick) they go for places that cause most pain; like groins and behind my right ear.
There must be about one zillion of these little-critters every square meter around here. Not as bad as the bull ant apparently, they are known as meat eaters.
Death Factor: 1/5 Cute Factor: 4/5 Gross Factor: 3/5 Annoyance Factor: 5/5

Pixar little-critters

4 ) The unseen menace that can bite you without pain or discomfort and I think it attacks in the night in my room. How do I know its a little critter and not a big critter? I still have my limbs and there is the odd red lumpy thing, I guess they could be spiders, but as yet I have not seen who is doing the night damage.
Death Factor: 1/5 Cute Factor: 1/5 Gross Factor: 4/5 Annoyance Factor: 3/5


Nasty little-critter


5 ) Cockroaches the size of small rodents that can move not only devour food scraps but also open your fridge and empty its contents.
Death Factor: 1/5 Cute Factor: 1/5 Gross Factor: 3/5 Annoyance Factor: 4/5

Even little-critters from the water like to have a go at you.

6 ) A large (about 2 meters long) brown slimy one. Well I didn’t actually encounter him I only saw evidence that he was getting bigger.
There is so many little critters for him to eat I am sure he sheds his skin on a very regular basis.
Death Factor: 5/5 Cute Factor: 2/5 Gross Factor: 3/5 Annoyance Factor: 2/5

A growing little- critters skinBig little-critters skin.

7 ) This sad little-critter lives in my bathroom tap. He plopped one day when I turned the tap on and proceeded to go down the plughole for a swim. I see him every other day and he seems to be a happy wee thing although probably sick of soapy water.
Death Factor: 0/5 Cute Factor: 5/5 Gross Factor: 0/5 Annoyance Factor: 0/5

Soapy little-critter

8 ) To keep my tap dweller company is a colony of pale green geckos that keep the really litter critter population down in the bathroom.
Death Factor: 0/5 Cute Factor: 4/5 Gross Factor: 1/5 Annoyance Factor: 0/5

9 ) The coolest living critter was a really big green slimy version of the tap dweller, this one also liked to hang out in a toilets (I didn’t know frogs were like that.)
I thought it was an ornamental air freshener until I noticed it pulsing.
Death Factor: 0/5 Cute Factor: 5/5 Gross Factor: 0/5 Annoyance Factor: 0/5

Lazy little-critter

10 ) Finally flying-critters. Some you hear but never see, they fly right past my ears sounding like large bumble bees, but nothing is there as I go screaming into the bush waving my hands around my head. Horse-flies that make circuits of the brim of my hat looking for a landing spot to attack your flesh. There are Dragonflies as big as small birds, very cool, especially considering that they don’t bite.
And there are a million other unidentified flying-critters that constantly harass and attack you when ever you feel that you might start to enjoy the bush.
Death Factor: 0/5 Cute Factor: 2/5 Gross Factor: 3/5 Annoyance Factor: 5/5

Flying little-critter

I finished my task of laser-scanning shell mounds today and celebrated the Weipa way by devouring freshly harvested local shell fish: Blue Bums (tasted/texture a bit like squid) and Mud Clams (like oysters but a bit chewy) both very nice and cooked in a fire.

Yum Yum Blue Bums and Mud Clams

Well this is my second tour of duty in this very hot little-critter infested land, I hope to be back again next year and continue my quest for encounters of more little- critters and maybe enjoy a Blue Bum or two along the way.


Tim Mackrell

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