A Ton Of Fun…

90 minutes till download complete ….
At the end of every fieldwork day we have been downloading all the data from the days total station points, E4 CFG files (basically these make a spreadsheet in Microsoft access), the 3D laser scanner, the multiple digital cameras, the DGPS and numerous sample bags. As you can probably guess this is often a very lengthy and involved process, however it is incredibly necessary.
As we are in the last few days now this process is even more involved as we have been checking and re-checking all the data to ensure there have been no errors or omissions in the data. At times this process can be quite intense and everyone has specific jobs. The most time intensive of all the data downloads would have to be the total station download; as we are currently averaging between 200-400 points a day (depending on how many times we have to change stations as our line of site is very blocked by trees). The process of downloading total station data involves copying all the points from the total stations internal memory to a USB stick and then copying them across into ArcGIS. Once at this stage the real work begins, all the points need to be read from our written record in order to associate them with their shell mound by each code point type. A code point is basically a name chosen for each point from a master list that describes what a point is, for example we have been using such codes as trenchupper, elevation section, RC shell, OSL or Scanner target. Once this process is complete we can finally start our backup download, a process also done every day.

Eloise, here in Weipa awaiting the Microsoft download time to just stop jumping and finish already.