Winding Up

Have you ever got the feeling that time is moving past you at the speed of light so that events from only a few weeks ago seem like yesterday but that time is also moving at a snail’s pace, so that you can’t actually believe that the event in question was in fact only a few weeks ago? Well I can’t believe that I have been here for a month already, yet on the other hand I can’t believe it has only been a month. Time is bent like the light in the desert – the cliffs at the edge of the Fayum basin can look so close, and yet they are in fact far away.

analyzing artefacts

I reflect on the bending of time because we are winding up in our last days of field work before we all go our separate ways. Tomorrow we will spend the day in the desert once more, finishing the nailing and analysis of our last transect. Thursday we go on a little trip to Seilah, are the Nile Valley, the source of the raw material of the artefacts we have analysed. For me it is a fitting end to the season, a chance to understand what we are here for. I have enjoyed my first field experience immensely, admittedly helped at times by a bar of chocolate. At first I felt completely overwhelmed and inexperienced.  But now I feel confident in my abilities to use the equipment, even when Bex is firing artefact measurements at me at breakneck speed.

sunrise in the desert

I will miss the beautiful sunrises glimpsed above the sands. I will miss the gorgeous view from my workplace. I will even miss Simon’s rally driving to get us out to the field – nothing wakes up a sleepy student in the morning than driving through one of the numerous potholes. But most of all I will miss the crew. Tash, Shezani, Josh, Kane, Bex, Stacy and Simon, you are all wonderful and I hope to be here again with you all next season.

– Anna

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One Response to Winding Up

  1. Natasha Phillips says:

    I wish I had read this sooner (too go go go by the end of it!)

    Thank you so much Anna, this is a really sweet entry and I hope your year goes wonderfully!

    It’s always a little hard to readjust after being in such an intense environment and basically becoming a small community and family and then to suddenly be back in New Zealand as though nothing happened…

    Will miss you and the crew this year too!


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